About Us

Two former roommates met in NTU hostel with a common interest in health and fitness. Our humble beginnings started as we juggled between our heavy academic schedules and the starting up of the business in our university apartment. Upon graduation, we set out with bold ambitions of becoming the front runners in health and fitness industry for the region. Everlastic takes its name from the elasticity of products lasting through all forms of resistance.

Everlastic adopts a long term approach to achieve our mission; we are in it for the long haul. We are committed to developing fitness products along with the Singapore’s Vision 2030 (a strategy for Singaporeans to have a healthier and better life through impactful experience of Sport). At Everlastic, we take an active role in researching and developing our products to provide affordable yet quality products for the public. We are also relentless in ensuring our products provide our customers with variation and motivation to keep training. Collaborations with other fields to better achieve our goals are another feature of Everlastic.

         “You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” 
– Aristotle         
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